Tichakunda Early Childhood Development Full Day Care Cantre caters for 300 orphans and vulnerable children in the community. The organization seeks to help them in Hatcliffe Community in order to alleviate illiteracy and poverty by providing them with education, food, shelter and the other basic needs of children.

300 children visit the centre from Monday to Friday. Three quater of them have lost one or both parents (most of them by the HIV/AIDS pandemic), some are under the care of their grandparents. The children are given porridge in the morning and mealie meal based lunch (which is donated by wellwishes) and vegetables from Tichakunda‘s own garden.

The centre begins at 7:00 am to 4:30 pm. There are 4 classes in the pre-school with 7 pre-school teachers, who have been trained by Glen Forrest Training-Centre.

The learning program includes:

  1. Music and movement

  2. English and shona

  3. Painting and couloring

  4. Counting and alphabet

  5. Organized activities