Tichakunda Centre is an Early Childhood Development Full Day Care Centre that was established on the 15th of August 2005 as a Private Voluntary Organization to cater for the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) aged from 2 years up to 9 years.

This was carried out in response to the big numbers of children roaming in the community with no one to look after them, and most of them going days on empty stomach.

The high rate of HIV/AIDS pandemic that have claimed/ still claiming lives of many bread winners have resulted in a sharp increase in orphans and vulnerable children and some parents abandoning their children, while other cannot afford to look after their own children due to hard and tough economic condition/situation.

It is against this background that Tichakunda (which means „we shall overcome“) was formed.

Tichakunda Eraly Childhood Development Full Day Care Centre is located in Hatcliffe Extension New Stands which is a residential areo of mainly underprivileged people. The centre has witnessed a sharp increase in enrolment of OVC under the ages of 9 years in the past few years of running.


Winnie Masaraure and Edward Hove, the founders of Tichakunda