Tichakunda seeks to help orphans and vulnerable children in Hatcliffe Community.The organization will only be able to achieve this by getting sufficient funding and donation from willing donors and also by implementing selfreliant project so that in the future the centre will self-sustain/fund itself.

We hereby are looking for assistance in both cash or kind in any forms as this will pave way for the centre in long run.

Funding and donation required:

  1. Completing of four classrooms that had been constructed

  2. Constuction of kitchen, toilets, five classrooms, dormitories and others

  3. Outdoor playing equipment and toys

  4. Furniture to furniture classes, kitchen, administration

  5. Blankets, metresses

  6. Kitchen utilities

  7. Food (mealie-meal, cooking oil, soya mince, beans, fruits, fruit or juice drinks...)

Are you willing to help? Don‘t hesitate to contact us.